Collect loyalty rewards with your bank card

Save time, hassle, and wallet space with bank-linked loyalty. 

Earn points and rewards from your favourite businesses when you pay by card or contactless.

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We connect with every major bank

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Collect points with your card

Just pay as normal, it's as simple as that! No need to carry and scan a loyalty card each time.

Save the planet

Zeet lets you go fully paperless by eliminating the need for paper receipts, stamp cards, and vouchers.

Instant digital receipts

Get an instant digital receipt so you can never forget a purchase or fill up your wallet.

Keep your data secure

Your privacy is important to us. All your data is secure, and you have full control over it.

Choose your own rewards

Spend your points however you want, so you can finally get the rewards that you want.

Explore local businesses

Discover new favourites by finding local businesses in your area that are hidden gems.

Spend, earn, and redeem

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